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Turtle night light

Fun & Interactive

Select From 3 Comforting Colors At Any Time

Projects Stars When Shell Is Pressed

Illustrated Star Guide Is Included

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Sea Turtle Night Light


A Popular Favorite

Uses aaa Batteries

Includes Automatic Turn Off

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Lady Bug night light


A Girls Favorite

Calms & Comforts Children

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The turtle night light is an extremely popular option for kids. Who can resist the lovable turtle character? The ladybug night light is also very popular for girls. The cloud b twilight constellation night light can be purchased as a ladybug, sea turtle, or turtle. They all project a starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of the room. There is an auto shut off and a sleep timer as well. Blue, green, and amber color settings can be used. A comforting and relaxing glow is emitted from the shell allowing for a peaceful and easy bedtime for children. It can also be educational because the most common star constellations can be viewed and learned. This can create a good experience for the whole family. You may even like them so much that you decide to give them as gifts to all your friends.

Constellation night light review: The cloud b twilight turtle creates a soothing and tranquil environment before bedtime. It is a winner of several awards and is fun and interactive for children and parents. You just push the turtle shell to turn it on, and after 45 minutes, it will automatically turn off. This is usually enough time for the child to fall asleep. Going to sleep has never been as much fun. The turtle night light runs on three triple a batteries. It really is perfect for all children and makes a great gift as well. The size of the turtle is about 14 inches from head to tail and about five inches tall. The most important part of bedtime for a child is creating a nice relaxing environment when they are falling asleep. When compared to your basic plug in type, these reptile and lady bug ones are a vast improvement for kids of all ages.